Crystal D. Mayo

The Poetic Storyteller That Brings Heart and Soul Into The New Millennium

When I write…

I become something greater than myself

I trust as I close my eyes envisioning the end

even when I don’t know how I’ll get there


pulsate through my veins

metaphors and similes

rise out  my gut

in rage




an effortless

beautiful dance

between the physical

and spiritual world

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I am a native New Yorker who grew up with a passion for the arts.  I began writing short stories at the age of seven and has evolved into a writer who believes that whether fiction or non-fiction, stories have the power to heal, educate and inspire.

I worked in the public school system for over twenty years in both New York and Stamford Connecticut, my home. I have acted as a consultant for well known Arts and Education organizations in New York City such as Arts Connection, Hospital  Audiences and  New Victory Theater. One of my many passions is bringing the arts into the school curriculum. My biggest passion is  sharing my literary works with the world. I plan to self publish three of my literary works in 2017.

Relax, unwind and  check out excerpts from my two memoirs, Laugh and Evolution of Me. If your in the mood for a fairy tale for all ages, read the excerpt from Patti Baker On Jackson Street. For all my poetry lovers, there’s Poetry and Prose.


Patti Baker On Jackson Street

The Evolution of Me

Poetry and Prose


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